Thursday, September 11, 2008

Slip for Dress

I am working on my dress today, and after looking at the tulle layer over the wire frame, I decided to first add a slip. I'm sorry these photos are so dark. I forgot to turn on the flash.I went to my tissue paper stach to find some white tissue, and low and behold there was the same color of tissue as the green tulle! So, first I had to iron it because it was so wrinkled. Next I turned down the edge to gather the paper by hand. I wish I had turn it down again though. You have to be careful sewing the tissue because the threads will rip through. I then gathered the paper onto the form and tacked it to the wire frame to hold it in place. This is two pieces of tissue gathered, and I will glue the seams shut rather than sewing them. Next the tulle layer, and finally the paper napkin skirt, and top.

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