Friday, September 26, 2008

Fall is finally here!

Hello Friends and Family. I am so happy that the weather is getting cooler here in Texas. We have had a really hot summer, to the point that I don't even want to go out unless I just have to.
This new tag is for an inspiration mingle in one of my groups. This isn't even close to what I was planning to do, but then my muse took off, and this is where I ended up. I used the Grafix Rub-Ons Transfer Film for the muse and the word "Autumn", on the beautiful leaves tag that is free from Lisa Vollrath web site Go Make Something. Look at the top under the tab "Free Printables". Sorry this isn't the best scan. I guess I should have done a photo instead. I am working on a couple of more challenges, and then I am going to do some Halloween art using some of Lisa's really cool images and ideas from Ten Two Studios.
If you have been following my blog, then you know that I was going to have back surgery this week, but come to find out, I am having two surgeons and they couldn't get together this week or next, so my new surgery date is October the 6th. They say everything is set now, and on the 30th I have to go to the hospital for my pre-op visit, and new blood tests because the hospital says the tests can't be over 7 days old, so the ones I have already had have to be repeated!! Then on Oct. 2nd I have to see my back surgeon again so he can tell me what he has already told me about the surgery! It's not bad enough to have to sit around for a month and worry about the surgery, but now I get to pay for the same testing twice! I am pretty frightened over the surgery because when I had my right hip replaced (for the 4th time!) I had a horrible infection and nearly died, and then I went 10 weeks without a hip joint, while taking IVs everyday and lots of other medications for about 3 months until I was well enough to have my 4th hip prosthesis put in. Anyway, please keep sending your good thoughts and prayers my way during this upcoming surgery. They say that the bacterias that I had are still in my body only dormant, and I sure want them to stay that way!
So everyone have a great weekend, and nice weather, and enjoy yourselves with friends, family and make some art!


Simple Journeys said...

Mary Lynn, pretty fall piece! Sorry to hear your surgery was delayed. Prayers that all will go well.

abbymaya said...

Still sending you lots of good thoughts. This fall weather is beautiful so I'm glad you're getting some lovely sun.

Autumn said...

Mary Lynn,
OMG! I adore this tag (well, of course I do since it has my name on it, huh?!) Check out my blog as I have nominated you with an award.
Autumn Clark