Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Girls Night Out Challenge Lottery

Helllo Friends and Family. I am working on a piece for a challenge in one of my groups. The theme is "Girl's Night Out". I was looking through my images that I have saved on a little external hard drive and came across this one (my computer is too old, slow, and has such a small memory that I can't store things on it). While this is not a family photo, it could have been. This could be my mom (the baby in her family) and her sisters. Starting on the left would be Aunt Theda, Billie Lynn (my mom), Aunt Sis, Aunt Avis, Aunt Gwen, and Aunt Mussy. (I remember them getting together occasionally, and they would be playing the card game Pitch, and just having the best time. Oh course all of us kids were sent outside to play....for hours. We only got back in to go to the bathroom! Since I live in Texas, the drink would have been iced tea, and not hot tea, but other than that, this photo is like looking back in time for me.
I am a real beginner with Photoshop, but I did sharpen the image, and I think I took out the dust and scratches, and then I messed with lightening it all over, and I am pretty happy with the way it looks. Now, I am going to add color by hand, crop, and finish the piece. I will put up the final results later today. If you are like me, that big old Photoshop makes me a nervous wreck, so just remember to duplicate your image first, and play with the copy. If you destroy it, you still have the original, and you can copy it again and start over. I keep saying I am going to take some lessons, but who has the time!

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Nancy said...

What a difference you've made already! I can't wait to see the final result.