Monday, March 23, 2009

New spreads in an AB and preparing for a journaling class

Hello Friends and Family. Here are some scans of an AB that I recently worked in. The book was called Recycled Relatives, and we were to use a real (or not) relative and tell some history and in a way write a story about your relative. I chose my Aunt Avis who worked for the FBI. I had so much fun with this theme, and I loved tying in my story with real facts during WWII. I am sorry the scans came out so awful. I was the last one to work in the book, and it was fat and hard to scan. I should have done photos, but I was in a hurry, so I did get some poor results. This book belongs to my friend Livia who lives near me. We are getting together for a "play day" of eating and arting. These days are so fun! I am hoping some others will be joining us as well. I am making a pork stir-fry for lunch with some brownies with fruit on top, and drizzled with sweetened condensed milk. Um! Delicious!
I have been working on some Easter and Spring things. I have also been preparing a couple of books for art journals. One is for a soul journey, and the other is for a class that I am starting tomorrow night. Journals have never really been my thing, and I wasn't sure I wanted or could do one with any continuity, but I am not doing a daily journal, so I don't think it matters. In some ways I think of an art journal as a simplified altered art book least that is the approach I have decided to use.
I am still deciding what the subject of my second journal will be. I know it will involve quotes or saying though, and maybe some words of wisdom that I have discovered along the way in my life. Since I am a big advocate of women supporting women, I thought the journal would be all about women, but I am not sure yet. I will decide tomorrow, and I will show you some of the background pages that I am preparing in advance of the images and writing. I am more than a little nervous about this because I have seen so many beautiful journals that I don't want to fall flat on my face with this, which I might.
If you would like, send me an email or post a comment about any experience you have had with journaling, or a web site that you recommend to learn about art journaling. I am looking for information and support on this one.
When I can later this week, I will scan in the Easter art that I am doing, and maybe the Spring banner that I will be working on as well. This project is a joint project with some group members in one of my groups, and the Easter project is pages for an Easter egg shaped swap book. I know I am going to enjoy that one for sure.
Well, I will close and say that the weather here in Texas is just beautiful right now. We are expecting some rain, but that is a good thing! I could so enjoy weather like this all year, but alas it won't last. Have a great arting week, and send me your link.