Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Eggs Everywhere!

Hello Friends and Family. I am working on my Easter eggs for a swap in one of my groups. We are swapping 6 inch tall eggs and they will be punched and tied together to make a book. They could also be connected one beside the other to make a really cute egg garland. I hope you will enjoy seeing the other 11 that I have to get done Pronto! We are decorating the front and back of the egg shape because it will be a "page" in our book.

I have had a nice weekend, and I hope that you did too. My grandson Alan and his girl Jamie were here today. Alan cut and installed some shelves in the closet in my art room. I have way too much stuff, and I am hoping to clear some of it out as the year progresses. I will be making some things to give away here on my blog as soon as I am caught up with my swaps, hopefully in a week or two.

Sis came over yesterday, and we just hung out and visited with each other. We piled up in my bed and watched TV together for awhile. This is always fun because I have one of those electric beds where you can raise the head and feet. So comfy!

We have decided to go to the auction next Friday, and she will come back here and spend the night. Oh, I have to show you a couple of photos of some of my treasures from the auction that I got last time. This is just a little country auction but it is so fun, and you make friends there, and I meet my cousins there, and if they know I am bidding on something, they won't bid against me! Isn't that cool!

Well it is late and I am going to turn in and get an early start (around 10 which is early for me!) in the morning on these eggs. I am also making a new spring banner, and a tag garland so come back soon and see the new photos, and the how tos. Have a great week whatever you are doing, and happy arting!

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Cheryl said...

If it were my cousins they would take out a second mortgage just to irk me and outbid me! ;0)