Monday, March 9, 2009

New Art Room

Hello Friends and Family. I have worked all day in my new art room putting things away. I still have a few more boxes to go, but I am hoping to get some art made this week. I am ready to make a mess and have some fun! I have seen some new techniques that I want to try out, and I will write how I do anything new, well new to me anyway.

The rest of the place is pretty much finished. I still have pictures and stuff to hang, but for now, I am in and very happy and comfortable here. I haven't been out much this week to mingle too much with others here as I have had a really bad cold. I am feeling better though so I am back at getting things done around here. I don't have any drapes up, but I do have mini blinds so I am not in a big hurry to get that done because I have to go shop for them.

I had the saddest call from my dear grandson Alan this evening. Jamie's grandmother came home from the hospital yesterday, and today she passed away. She was to start chemo treatments for an inoperable brain tumor, but she didn't make it into treatment yet. She was recovering from a broken hip caused when she had passed out, and then one thing lead to another and the doctors found the tumor. I was just talking to Sis about her today, and saying that I hoped that she would go peacefully and without pain, and thank God she did. Jamie was very close to her grandmother, and Alan loved her very much too. He was crying on the phone and he told me he felt awful that he couldn't get his emotions under control to help Jamie. She is of course there at grandma's and grandpa's house with all of her family. I told Alan not to worry about controlling his emotions that they are one of the reasons that he is so special and that is why Jamie loves him so much, just as I do. He said he just had to call to hear my voice, and to talk to his family. What a dear young man, and we are very close also so I know that in one way he was thinking about when he lost his grandpa (my husband), and maybe he is worried about me as well. I will be there for him anyway I can for as long as I live. I'm not sure what the next few days will bring for them both, but I pray for them to find strength in each other and in our heavenly Father.

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Autumn said...

Looking forward to seeing pics of the new art room. Check out the contest on my blog. I'd love to see your take on the bunny!