Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Round Robin

Hello Friends and Family. I was going to mention that I am starting a new Christmas Book Round Robin with my group. If you have been wanting to do a RR, then you can read and follow along as I prepare my book, and do the first couple of spreads in it before I send it to my mailing partner. I will be happy to walk you through the steps as I go, and you can made a similar one, or one with a different subject. I will be starting on it soon, and I think our last mailing will be right before Thanksgiving. The first thing you will need to do it find a good sturdy book, with sewn in pages, not glued in pages. Here is a great tutorial on determining if a book has sewn or glued in papes: . Lisa Vollrath has many other great tutorials on making and working in an altered book. Just search at
So go find your book, and choose a theme, and we will get started soon. Email if you are thinking of doing this so we can talk.

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