Thursday, July 23, 2009


Chotski Pin003 

Chotski Pin005

Hello Friends and Family. Here are two Chotski pins that I made for a swap. The blue and green one is for my friend Jo Ann, and the one with the vintage and a couple of new beads is for my friend Deb. Now Deb knows a lot about Ireland, and she says that a Chotski pin that looks like a big safety pin, sort of, is what hold the kilt of an Irishman closed. Neat huh? Well, I think that this is not a real Chotski, but this is what I could find at Jo Ann Fabrics so I was desperatate enough to use these. They are really easy to do, and you can hang any number of things from the loops.

I am also working on my Torsos for a swap on my group, and they will be going out soon. When I get some scans or photos made I will upload them for you to take a look. I am thinking I may connect mine together to make a banner, but I could change my mind by the time I receive mine. If you want a pattern to make some of your own, just email me and I will send it to you. Pleae put Torso Pattern in the subject line. Well, I hope you are having a good crafting and arting week, and that you will continue to make beautiful things coming up.

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