Monday, March 17, 2008

My "Untag" Tag Mingle

Well, I have never even heard of an "untag" tag mingle, but it sure was fun! I love shoes, not to wear but to collect! This one so much fun to do, and I know it looks complicated but it really wasn't. If you would like to make one, let me know and I will send you the pattern that I used. I love the bright colors. Not what you would expect for a shoe like this from ages ago!
Oh, Happy St. Patty's Day to everyone. I claim a little Irish in my heritage. I just got to get a green card made today! I'll do it latter, cause I have GOT to do some chores now. Have a great day everyone.


Peggy Louise said...

I do not know what an Untag Tag is or a Mingle....but I sure do love this piece of art! I love shoes too. I have a small collection of miniature shoes in my curio and two prints in my bedroom!
I will have to take a second look and try to make a card of with this shape!! Thanx for the great idea!!
And yes I would love to have the pattern you offered.

Janny said...

I love your Blog (work) but this is really stunning this shoe! Tnkx for sharing!Is there een pattern somewhere?

~*~Pandora's Artbox~*~ said...

Beautiful shoe! Did you use fabric? The colors and texture are amazing...would love the pattern too, though I can't imagine my shoe being as gorgeous as yours. Thanks!

JeanM said...

Awesome shoe. Love the blog. Please share your pattern.