Monday, December 10, 2007

Recycled Altoid Can

Here is an ornament I made using a Altoids can. I have seen some of the cans that were altered by Lisa Vollrath, so I tried her idea on a round can rather than the rectangular shaped can. I spray painted the can inside and out with gold spray paint, and let it dry. When it was dry, I punched a hole in the bottom part of the can, and then using E6000 I glued some beaded trim all the way around the can. While that was drying, I found an image I liked and used matte medium to glue it to the lid of the can, and I added glitter glue around the edge of the paper. Lastly, I ran some silver ribbon through the hole, and knotted it so it wouldn't come out, and tied another short ribbon around that and tied in a bow.I really like it, but in the photo the raised lettering on the can really shows. You might want to try two layers of paper, or adding some putty to the top and letting that dry and then add your image over that. The can will still pull apart to hide a little gift inside.

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